What Does Finezza Offer?

Lending Lifecycle Management

Finezza offers an integrated solution that works at all stages of the lending lifecycle.

Through its omni-channel communication ecosystem, potential customers can approach you across all touchpoints and channels. The conversion into leads is quick through an automated process that assigns the loan enquiry to the right marketing and business channels and, facilitates insight-sharing back to the sales, marketing and operations teams.

With the help of our extensive credit assessment tools, we help you analyze the true credit-worthiness of an applicant, allowing you to make decisions faster and, more effectively. Paperless verification and validation of customers’ documentation facilitates faster loan processing.

With optimized disbursal processes and post-loan collection workflows and customer service, Finezza ensures a rapid and insight driven experience for the lenders and consequently, a better experience to their end customers.

Bank Statement Analysis Algorithm

Finezza’s Bank Statement Analysis(BSA) showcases the deep topical domain understanding that the team possesses from the perspective of a credit evaluation or lending decision. The product can understand and analyse formats from more than 400 banks across the country. Along with an understanding of the transactions and the data on a unit basis, the product also creates many visualisations and pertinent reports that aid the Credit Evaluation team to understand and analyse the potential borrower for a potential loan.

Detection of regular and recurring transactions is also enabled. The product is able to detect fraudulent statements, circular transactions, irregular patterns, transactions, and other such discrepancies. The data and analysis that run on top of it help create an accurate understanding of and projections for the business and also about the ability of the customer to pay, etc.

Finezza’s Bank Statement Analysis Algorithm reduces the turnaround time for a credit decision drastically.

Credit Bureau Data Analysis Algorithm

Finezza’s data science team has spent a large amount of time understanding and deciphering Credit Bureau data and scores. As a result, Finezza is able to offer its own proprietary analysis of Credit Bureau data. Rather than just relying on scores as a gating criterion, Finezza’s Credit Bureau Data Analysis offers a number of reports which evaluate many combinations of various data points that are taken from multiple credit bureaus.

These reports help the Credit Evaluator visualise and understand the information that is hidden in the verbose Credit Bureau reports. This helps in tracking cases on an ongoing basis as well. Finezza’s Credit Bureau Data Analysis helps reduce evaluation mistakes and TAT for Credit evaluation.

Accurate analysis of an applicant’s financial transactions to capture the underlying decisions, thereby arriving upon a more practical index that drastically reduces the possibility of NPAs and bad credit.

Loan Eligibility Estimator

Finezza’s credit assessment and analytics tools give you an all-round view of a customer’s eligibility for a business loan.

Finezza’s proprietary Loan Eligibility Estimator helps blend analysis involving various data points across transactions, bank account statements, financial parameters, GST, IT and Credit Bureau data to create a realistic view of the business / person who is being evaluated for a loan. It is capable of taking inputs that mimic the credit evaluator’s understanding(haircuts, cash component as per industry et al) of the business in to it’s algorithms and builds scenarios with respect to possible loans and terms that can be offered to the potential borrower.

Our clients have been using the Loan Eligibility Estimator to look at various options that can be presented to the borrower and use the machine-driven algorithms to reduce human bias and increase business TAT